Styling Your New Custom Concrete Floors

Have you recently installed a new Deese Elite custom concrete floor in your home? If so, your job is only halfway finished. Now, you need to style your outdoor space to perfection so that you and your family and friends can have a blast there all year long. Here are some ideas that might come in handy and inspire you.

Add in Some New Furniture
To accentuate your new floors, you should get some new outdoor furniture (or remodel your existing furnishings). Anything from lounge chairs to porch swings is fair game as long as it fits your overall vision.
If you are in a covered area, a ceiling fan can help you love your space even more.

Greenery is Always In
Plants can add life to just about any space. From lavender to begonias, you can plant flowers in pots and place them all over your shiny, updated flooring.
Besides making your space look nice, the plants will also give it a refreshing and sweet smell. Plus, greenery is said to bring peace, so you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the patio even more.

Get New Floor Mats and Rugs
You can also get some cute new floor mats or rugs. For example, quality patterned outdoor rugs can do wonders for a space that looks a bit too neutral. They are available in numerous color and shape combinations, so you will surely find something that fits your needs. Don’t forget that your fur babies love to lay on rugs too! You can add a dog bed and some pet decor if you love animals!

Aside from rugs, you can also add a mat or two. They can help prevent tracking dirt all over the floors and make the space look more homey. You can even hang a flag or use some throw pillows to give your patio or porch even more personality.

In the End…

No matter what decoration you end up going for, your outdoor space will look brand new, thanks to your floors. And if you’re only starting your renovation journey, Deese Elite Concrete Coatings can help.

Give us a call, and we can discuss anything from floor coatings to decorations when everything is done. We are waiting for you!

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